Grants Accounting

Welcome to the Grants and Contracts Department. This area has been set up to familiarize you with the Grants Office personnel, assignments, and reporting requirements within the Finance & Administrative Services area. Also included are guidelines and information that will help you in working with your grant or contract as it relates to the Grants Office financial reporting functions.


The grants account personnel are available to advise you and help carry out your account transactions. If we cannot assist you from within our office, we will try to direct you to the office that can. We want to make the financial responsibilities of your grant as easy as possible for you, while guaranteeing adherence to reporting requirements.


  • Elaine Davis, Controller (, (615)353-3308)

    • Manager for the Accounting department that consists of the Accounts Payable, Systems Data Entry/Xtender, and the Grants Office areas
    • Account number creation and assignment
    • NSCC, TCATN, and TCATD financial statements/other TBR reporting requirements
    • Financial aid related accounts such as PELL, SEOG, TSAC, CWSP, restricted scholarship accounts
    • Lottery Scholarships
    • Community Education/Workforce Training contracts
    • Special contracts – institutional and restricted

  • Susan Smith, Grants Fiscal Clerk (, (615)353-3388)

    • TDOL/WIA student related accounts: TAA, TRA, UCHRA
    • RX TN grant
    • Perkins grant (NSCC and TCATD)
    • LEAP grants
    • Title III grant
    • PEG Studio
    • State sales tax reports
    • FUPLOAD processes for NSCC, TCATN, and TCATD (transactions include, but are not limited to, state car mileage, print shop, in-house copy machine, credit/purchasing card)
    • NSCC Bookstore utility invoices
    • Telephone charge invoices: Bookstore and MCHS
    • NSCC space rental invoice for MCHS
    • NSCC-SEC space rental invoices for MNPS and TCATN
    • Backup person for Finance & Administrative Services incoming mail distribution

  • Laurie Rhoton, Accountant (, (615)353-3711)

    • NSF subawards/grants
    • NCAT grant
    • Foundation chart of accounts and cash reconciliations
    • Assists with NSCC, TCATN, and TCATD financial statements
    • Reconciliations/adjustments/corrections of accounts
    • Banner FOAP corrections
    • Journal entries (as needed)
    • Restricted budget loads (as needed)
    • In-kind gift postings for NSCC and Foundation
    • Back-up person for FUPLOAD processes
    • Back-up person for printed check processes
    • Procedure updates for grants/contracts

The assignments above give you an idea of the various and numerous contracts, grants, and responsibilities that our campus administers. The grants and contracts change periodically. As grants/contracts expire, new ones are awarded or accepted to replace them. The number and scope of the grants and contracts vary each year as well.