Grants Accounting

Susan Smith

Grants Fiscal Clerk


  • TDOL/WIA student related accounts: TAA, TRA, UCHRA
  • RX TN grant
  • Perkins grant (NSCC and TCATD)
  • LEAP grants
  • Title III grant
  • PEG Studio
  • State sales tax reports
  • FUPLOAD processes for NSCC, TCATN, and TCATD (transactions include, but are not limited to, state car mileage, print shop, in-house copy machine, credit/purchasing card)
  • NSCC Bookstore utility invoices
  • Telephone charge invoices: Bookstore and MCHS
  • NSCC space rental invoice for MCHS
  • NSCC-SEC space rental invoices for MNPS and TCATN
  • Backup person for Finance & Administrative Services incoming mail distribution