Travel/Direct Payment

Welcome to the Nashville State Community College Travel Office website. The following information is provided as a resource to all NSCC business travelers, including faculty, staff, students and guests of the college. The traveler is responsible for completing all required forms and operating within all TBR Policy guidelines.

  • A Non-Travel/Direct Payment Request form allows reimbursement to the employee of all allowable expenses not relating to travel or this form also allows reimbursement to vendors.
  • A Request for Travel Approval (Tim's Magic Box) must be completed to obtain authorization for an employee to travel. The request form must be processed before the travel begins.
  • A Claim for Travel Expenses (Tim's Magic Box) must be submitted within thirty (30) days after the travel is completed. This form allows reimbursement to the employee of all allowable expenses. A memo of explanation for the delay must accompany all claim forms submitted after 30 days of the travel.

  • You will be reimbursed after adequately accounting for travel expenses by giving a statement of expenses showing dates and destinations of business travel along with documentary evidence. Original receipts are required for all major travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, and car rentals. All reimbursements are made through direct deposit. For first-time requestors, please submit the Direct Deposit Form in Dynamic Forms and complete Box 3.

Please review the travel processing procedures for additional information.