Travel/Direct Payment

NSCC Email:
1. If you do not have Blanket Travel Authorization, are you allowed to travel?

2. What Account Code should be used when paying for an invoice using a Direct Payment form?

3. You need to pay Vijay's Soccer Supply, what do you use in the Supplier field on the Direct Pay form?

4. What Commodity Code is used for the Travel forms?

5. If you have any questions about Direct Payments, what do you do?

6. What PO Type should be used with the Direct Payment and Travel forms in SciQuest?

7. You need to submit an order for supplies to Staples, what do you do?

8. When paying an invoice which commodity code do you use?

9. What account code should be used for In-State Travel Reimbursement?

10. When submitting a Direct Pay form thorough SciQuest, how do you handle the receipts?

11. You are completing a Request for Travel Approval form for yourself, what Supplier do you use on the SciQuest form?

12. If a certain Supplier is not in SciQuest, what do you do?

13. If you have completed a Travel Approval form, do you still need to submit a Travel Claim after traveling?

14. If you spent $700 in travel expenses but you are only approved for $500 according to the Form X. How do you complete the Travel Claim form?

15. If you purchase supplies using your personal credit card. Will you be able to get the sales tax reimbursed?

16. You need to pay a Guest Speaker, what do you do?

17. You went to an all-day conference at MTSU which left from home to attend. Round-trip mileage from your home is 80 miles and your round-trip commute mileage is 20 miles which results in a round trip of 60 miles. The round-trip from your home campus is 72.80 miles. What mileage do you record on your travel claim form?

18. When do you have to deduct commuting miles?